With an engineering background and years of experience in project management in the Greek IT sector, Manos has been working as a communication and business development consultant in a number of firms, including the sports and gaming industry, with the responsibility of designing and implementing strategic plans on marketing, advertising and branding, social and interactive media campaigns, public relations and community outreach, as well as partnerships and stakeholder engagement.

Manos’ experience and sound communication skills are committed on establishing Playventure’s vision and reputation, while furtherly growing and positioning the brand and our products and services through the sum of all available physical and digital channels, as well as implementing strategies that grow our market share, improve customer experience and drive growth.

Manos is into swimming and running quite a lot and aspires to become an amateur triathlete one of these days and if not an iron, a wooden man at least. Worst case scenario and if all fails, he will be stuck with his blog, writing about anything that comes to his attention.

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